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Waste Policy and Strategy

Ensuring legal compliance is the foundation stone for any waste management strategy and our experts are on hand to help you navigate your way through these increasingly complex legal requirements. Our experience of working within the NHS enables us to combine an in depth understanding of regulations alongside the practical skills needed to implement effective waste management policies.


At Catalyst Waste, we believe that a strong waste management strategy provides an opportunity not just to ensure compliance but also to reduce costs and better manage your environmental impacts. Our tailored support packages will deliver the expertise and flexible resource needed to help you realise these benefits for your organisation.

The importance of the waste hierarchy

The healthcare waste hierarchy encourages organisations to look at how waste can be avoided or minimised at source. Our experience teaches us that recognising the role that clinicians and clinical choices play in the production and better management of waste is key. Only by focusing on the waste hierarchy and engaging your staff in the importance of waste minimisation can you begin to realise the environmental benefits and efficiency savings that a strong waste management policy can bring.

Integrated Wastes Management

Whilst a strong colour coding and waste segregation system are important when managing your waste mix, we firmly believe that good waste management practice starts way before the point of production. Our integrated and strategic approach will help your staff to realise that the efficient use of limited resources is a key part of their commitment to both patient care and environmental stewardship.


Waste management legislation


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