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Pre-acceptance audits

Managing healthcare waste is an increasingly complex task and audits form a key part of your legal responsibilities. Choosing a trusted partner to undertake your Duty of Care and Pre-acceptance audits is an important step in ensuring your ongoing compliance.

As an independent voice in the waste management process, Catalyst Waste Solutions are perfectly placed to ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations in a cost-effective and compliant manner. Our on-site audits are undertaken by highly qualified waste experts who have spent many years working within the NHS and understand the reality of good waste management practice.

Strategic waste audits


Our range of audits extends beyond your legal requirements to include waste composition analysis and strategic waste reviews as well as  pre-acceptance audits. These audits provide an opportunity not merely to ensure your compliance but to benchmark your performance against Best Practice and find new ways to better manage your waste disposal costs.

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 define the Duty of Care requirements that apply to any organisation producing, handling or disposing of waste. In essence, waste producers must be able to demonstrate that they have stored waste appropriately and have documentary evidence to show that this was passed on to a licensed waste carrier and treated or disposed of at an approved facility. 

Healthcare Waste Legislation (England & Wales)

As producers of large quantities of often complex and hazardous waste, further requirements exist for Trusts and other healthcare providers. The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 define the legal requirements for managing hazardous waste and The Department of Health produced the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste (HTM 07-01) to help hospitals and other facilities to understand how all healthcare-related waste streams, including offensive and clinical or infectious waste, should be treated.

Hazardous (Infectious) Waste

Waste management legislation


Waste strategy and policy support

Online, webinars and workshop training courses

Healthcare waste legislation
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