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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities manage a wide variety of materials each day, including waste which may be considered dangerous. At Catalyst we pride ourselves on offering a one-stop solution to meeting all your waste compliance issues, including the carriage of dangerous goods. From auditing and annual reports to providing assistance when reporting incidents or developing new policies and procedures, our approachable experts are on-hand to deliver a compliant and seamless services.


Our qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors specialise in the healthcare sector and have spent many years advising organisations like yours. Our support will help you to understand your obligations and ensure that you can demonstrate full compliance with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations (2011).

Carriage of Dangerous Goods (2011)

The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations (2011) are in place to protect people involved in the transport chain. This starts on your site and under the Regulations you are obliged to have access to a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor to ensure your full compliance. In essence, you have clear obligations to identify, assess categorise, package and consign Dangerous Goods for carriage. Your obligations is to protect people who may come into contact with the material, both those on your own site and those involved in its transport or disposal.

Do you need a DGSA?

Healthcare organisations who routinely package, consign, load and carry dangerous goods (e.g. infectious clinical waste, medicines and medical gases) are required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor. Most Trusts activities are likely to exceed the specified exemption thresholds and are therefore required to appoint a DGSA.

Understanding the complexities of your legal obligations in this area may not be an easy task and many Trusts choose to commission external Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors to help ensure their ongoing compliance. Outsourcing this task is often the most reliable and cost-effective way to access the expertise and up-to-date knowledge required.

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Do you need a DGSA?
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